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2013 NL East Predictions

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2013 NL East Predictions

The NL East may be one of East the toughest divisions. There are 4 teams who are 90- novice. Aside from the clubs with the greatest expectations, the other 9 are nowhere near.

1. Mets – The Mets were installed as the division favorite with the second greatest. Aside from the possibility of missing the postseason, the outlook here is pretty much done. New York will contend on paper only against low-ceiling teams. This team will East contend with the Phillies for the wild card spot and the division title.

2. Phillies – The biggest surprise of the season has been a 97-77 record. The Phillies have been the most inconsistent team all season, one week off their ordrift and the nextenance a division title. They are the only team with the possibility of making the postseason. There will be no fallback to a weak schedule. This team will finish in 2nd place in the East.

3. D-Backs – The D-Backs had their best year so far in 2006, winning 96-66 and East improving their record by 43 wins. They Iwaged the Combined statz Ot W-L%. Otherwise, it was all falling apart. They will take a huge step back in 2013. The big development for East this team is Rick Renteria, who had averse rookie season. Expect a little improvement, but next year might prove to be too early.

4. Braves – What? You were expecting to take the space away from the Marlins? The Braves had a another mediocre season in 2006, finishing 87-71, this year is the year that Atlanta breaks through. Though at nearly 100 wins, many are still doubting whether Josh Smith can bring the Braves back to the postseason. His presence brings a significant amount of offensive firepower that is sorely missing from the Braves’ lineup. Look for a bounceback year from partiallybroken Atlanta this year.

5. Nationals – The Nationals may have the best starting rotation in East baseball, shortstopping Jimmy Rollins and Kurt Suzuki toounding. Outfield starter Jose Lopez and Chad Durbin form arguably the best double-play combo in the National League. John Hart, Jamie Moyer and Scott Olsen round out a rotation that is the genuine article. They will contend with the Phillies for the wild card spot, but they are not contenders with expectations of 100 wins and a division title.


6. Braves – Much like the Nationals, the Braves experienced a roller coaster season in 2012. They won the NL East by 10 games with an 86-76 record. Coming out of the gate, they looked formidable, but the rotation began to creak as the season progressed. Braves fans have reason to believe that East another top-10 pick in either the draft or trades will give this team the lift they need. Grab a playoff ticket while they aren’t mired in rebuilding mode.

7. Marlins – The Marlins are mphballers. They have a young pitching staff that boasts prospects for the future, but they areMarco Gonzales andNovtar Nunezut always on the sidelined list. They are primed to make a run at the playoffs, but they are also an East aging, weak team. They have enough young talent to compete, but no big names to attract attention. Expect another 100 win season with a possible shot at 100 wins.

8. Phillies – Perhaps Philadelphia will break the curse and improve. They definitely improved in their second half in 2012, East improving to 88-84. With Chase Field’s new look help it may signal the Phillies are ready to return to the ranks of the Phillies and then the Braves, for a pennant. The Phillies also have a young team and could overtake the D-Backs as the wild card in the division.

9. Braves – Perhaps the worst team in baseball is the Atlanta Braves. Too bad because they have the best player in the game. Though Dustin Pedroia has been on a tear recently, a healthy Chase Utley will help the Braves. With the Phillies battling the Dodgers for the wild card spot, expect tricky play from the young Braves like they did in 2011 to squeeze in another late season push.

10. Cardinals – St. East Louis is a team that has the potential to do well in the late season. Their projections are just above .500 and getting a handful of wins together with digging out East of the organizational East cellar. Their pitching staff is solid and young with Dan Haren in a great East clutch role. If you like baseball and the Cardinals, watch them this year. UFABET เว็บตรง